In person meetings

The Board was preparing to have modified in person meetings starting in November. A number of local organizations have experienced issues with Covid infections and the associated quarantine requirements by the state. A single infected attendee would require every other person in attendance to be quarantined and tested.

We have decided that we will NOT start in person meetings because of the risk to our members. Because of the upcoming time change and the colder weather, it would be inconvenient to hold outdoor meetings through the winter.

Suggestions to hold virtual meetings via Zoom or another video conference application is probably also a problem. Many members do not have the internet connectivity or bandwidth to attend. I know that my connection is not suitable if there are too many other connections to a meeting.

Regarding the canceled October meeting, due to the power outage and closed road, we didn’t have an official election. Since we didn’t have any nominees submitted right up to the day of the canceled meeting, we were going to re elect the current Board of Directors, anyway.

In light of the current situation, we will postpone an official election until we are able to have in person meetings again. The current Board will continue in their positions until then.

The best solution to communication with the membership will be our web page and Facebook page. If there are any urgent communications, we will mail a printed newsletter.

Everyone please be safe, and DON’T FORGET TO VOTE! Your gun rights hang in the balance this year!

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