New Safety Rules For The Outdoor Pistol Range. Plate Rack Is Now Available For General Member Use

In response to member requests, the club’s plate rack has been made available for general member use. It has been installed to the far right of the outdoor pistol range. The distance has been determined to be appropriate for safety of users. Do not move it from the current location. All shooting must be done from inside the firing point building.

There are rules posted for the use of the plate rack that MUST be followed for safety reasons. All shooting of the plate rack must be done from the designated location, marked by signs.

Because the shooting of steel targets requires additional safety rules, new range rules will be posted on line and at all ranges for member reference.

There will be no parking allowed next to the outdoor range starting today. A sign has been installed prohibiting vehicles in the area next to the range, because of bullet splatter or ricochets when the plate rack is used.

The use of eye and ear protection when entering the outdoor pistol range area is MANDATORY. There can be no exceptions to this rule. Bullet debris has been found on vehicles that had been parked in the area. The danger of allowing people and vehicles in the area is too great a risk that can be avoided.

The modified Standard Operating Procedure which includes the Range Rules will be posted on the club web site and a printed copy at each range within a few days. There are other, pertinent rules regarding muzzle control and trigger discipline that have been changed, so make sure you read ALL of the new document.

The club has made a major upgrade to this range. The new rules have been added to increase safety.

Violation of these SAFETY RULES will result in loss of membership! Don’t put the club at risk!

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