New Parking For Pistol Range, Range Rule Reminders

A new parking area for the pistol range has been created on the right side of the driveway. Please park your vehicle perpendicular to the driveway, nose in or out, to allow maximum capacity.

In addition, the pistol range surface has a layer of sand to reduce/eliminate the chances of ricochets, and a berm has been created just behind the plate rack.

All range rules still apply: Eye and ear protection is mandatory for ALL persons, at all times when beyond the red sign at the entrance to the range. NO PARKING in the area to the left of the range retaining wall. Use of the plate rack is restricted to firing from inside the firing point, between the signs. Firearms must be placed on the bench BEFORE resetting the plate rack with the rope. DO NOT RESET THE RACK WHILE HOLDING YOUR FIREARM.

Enjoy the improved range facilities!

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